Non-Analysis Agreement

BUYER, by accepting delivery of the PRODUCTS ordered from JM POLYMERS (having a principal place of business at 2152 W. Addison St. Chicago IL 60618), hereby agrees to the following:

1. BUYER agrees that the identity and amounts of the components in PRODUCTS are the Confidential Information of JM POLYMERS.

2. BUYER agrees not to analyze, or have any third party analyze, PRODUCTS to determine the identity or amount of any of the components in the PRODUCTS.

3. BUYER agrees that it will not transfer or otherwise supply the PRODUCTS or any information related thereto, to any third party without the written consent from JM POLYMERS.

4. BUYER agrees that it shall not use the PRODUCTS, the identity and amounts of the components in the PRODUCTS, the product names associated with the PRODUCTS, or any other information received from JM POLYMERS, for the purpose of obtaining patent protection.

5. The laws of the State of Michigan shall govern the validity, interpretation and effect of this Agreement.